FPCP 2009 Proceedings

The FPCP 2009 proceedings will contain write ups for all the talk presentations (not including posters.) The proceedings will be published in the online journal "Proceedings of Science" PoS. The deadline for submission is Aug. 1, 2009.

The contributions can be prepared using either LaTeX or MS Word. Please download the archive file that contains templates and the user manual. They are provided here in both tar and zip formats .

While there is no explicit page limit, we suggest that you limit the write up to 10 pages. All contributions will be refereed. The chairperson in charge of the proceedings is Prof. Steven Blusk. He can be contacted at sblusk@phy.syr.edu.

Contributions can only be submitted as pdf documents by web upload using the PoS web page. All speakers will receive an e-mail, which contains a contribution code, a personal user ID, and a password. Once your contribution is uploaded, it will be refereed and suggested modifications given to the authors before final submission.

Other information on PoS is available at the PoS authors web page.

We may solicit conference participants to aid in the review of contributions.