Welcome to "Flavor Physics & CP Violation 2009" (FPCP 2009). The 6th meeting in the conference series will be held in Lake Placid, NY, between May 27 and June 1, 2009. The meeting is open to all. Talks will be by invitation only.

Poster Session: Participants may submit abstracts for the Poster Session. Please send the abstracts to fpcp2009@physics.syr.edu, with the title "Poster Abstract" in the email message. Although we will try and accomodate as many posters as possible, the organizing committee will evaluate each abstract and give notification of acceptance.

Venue: The conference venue will be the Crowne Plaza Golf and Resort Hotel in Lake Placid, NY.

All sessions will be held at the hotel and participants are expected to stay there. A fixed block of rooms has been reserved at very reasonable rates, (hotel, including breakfast & dinner, costs $1125, but drops to $850 if you share a room with another participant). Please arrive on Wed. May 27 and depart the evening of Monday June 1. Conference presentations will begin early on May 28.

Hotel Reservation You must register for the conference and pay the hotel fee prior to May 3, 2009. After that date, (a) the rooms at the hotel are no longer saved for the conference, and even if you can get a room directly with the Hotel it will be at a substantially higher rate; (b) the conference registration fee will increase.

Registration: Registration is now open. The Conference registration fee is $250 if paid by April 27, 2009.

Updated Information: Some weather notes. The average daily maximum temperature is 68 deg F and the average daily minimum temperature is 43 deg F, the record high and low (for the end of May) is 85 deg F and 28 deg F, so anything can happen. For the Barbeque at Camp Majano on May 28, we will be taking a boat trip to an island in Lake Placid. Although the meal will be served in the boat house it can get cold so dress warmly. The excursion on May 30 will be divided into three activities. The most strenuous will be a hike to Algonquin peak the second highest mountain in the Adirondack chain. There will also be a hike to Mt. Jo. For both of these hiking boots are an absolute necessity. The third activity will be a walk around Lake Placid to the Olympic village and up one of the hills overlooking the town We will also provide lunch and water for these activities provided you sign up on the excursions page. There are limits to the number of people going on the hikes, so please sign up quickly if you want to come.

The aim of the meeting is to review developments, both theoretical and experimental, related to the physics of heavy flavors. We will hear updates on many topics including CP violation, rare decays, spectroscopy, CKM elements and, perhaps most importantly, the potential for studies of heavy flavor decays to help unravel any new physics seen directly at the LHC.

The physics discussed at this meeting is directly related to the work of Nambu, Kobayashi and Maskawa that lead to their 2008 Nobel Prize.

This conference series resulted from merging two separate series covering much the same material. One was the bi-annual ``Heavy Flavor Physics Conference" (founded by K. Schubert), that was centered in Europe and the US, and the other the bi-annual ``International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation" (founded by A.I. Sanda), that was centered in Asia and the US.

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Student Fellowships: Some support is available for graduate students who would not ordinarily be able to attend this meeting. Students who are selected are expected to present a poster, or give a talk. Please include in your application the topic of the proposed poster (or talk), a budget (lodging plus meal costs are $1125, but drop to $850 if you share a room with another participant), and any other information you consider relevant. Applications will be judged on the scientific merit of the proposed visit and on the cost-effectiveness of the proposal. Please send fellowship requests to fpcp2009@physics.syr.edu, with the title "Student Fellowship" in the email message. Application deadline is Feb. 27, 2009.